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I was out on a dinner date with one of the guys I see a lot of at Orpington escorts of He noticed that I had some dirt under my finger nails and asked me what I had been up to. As I looked down on my hands, I realised that I had forgotten to clean my finger nails and put on my hand cream before. I am normally rather good at that, and I make sure that I look after my hands as this is often the first thing the gents I date notice. What Alan had just said to me just proved the point.


Did I make an excuse? No, I know Alan well enough and I started to tell him about my tiny little garden and my collection of pansies. I said to him that we need to have at least three things in life which makes us happy, and one of the things to make me happy, was pansies. It is not normally the sort of topic that you talk about on an Orpington escorts, but Alan seemed to be hanging on every word with a great big smile on his face.


Alan is the kind of guy who likes to eat but he is still skinny as a rake. On this occasion, I did notice that Alan had put down his fork, and was sitting with his head in one hand slightly leaning to one side. Sure, food makes Alan happy and it makes me happy as well, but pansies make me happier. When you look at pansies, they kind of smile back at you, and that was very much what Alan was doing now. We had been dating for such a long time at Orpington escorts that I was pretty sure that we were on our way to become personal friends. Maybe a pansy story would cement relationship.


Anyway, I sat there in this rather posh restaurant and told Alan about my garden and my pansies. The waiter sneaked in to top up our glasses but I was still talking about pansies. I started to show Alan photos of my pansies and he seemed to be genuinely interested. It was the first time I had let any gent that I met at Orpington escorts into my personal life, and I was  not sure if I was doing the right thing at all. I kept thinking about the boss who always wanted  us to stick to the program as he said. Was I sticking to the program? Pansies are certainly not part of the program.


The other things that makes me happy is baking cakes. I have become rather well known for it at Orpington escorts and I told Alan about my pansy cakes. Clearly he did not know that you could eat pansies. He was still looking at me in a funny way when the waiter brought coffee.  He said that there was a lot he did not know about me, and he would like to get to know me better. It came as a bit of a surprise but for the first time ever, I saw Alan as a person. That does not happen very often, but it felt really good. The man in front of me was taking on a new meaning. Maybe he could indeed be another source of happiness...

It was one of those Friday nights that he stayed working late. It was around 11pm when he left for home. Outside, the whole city was lively, with people gathered around their favorite joints having drinks and letting out steam for the long work week. He proceeded to his favorite bar to have some bottles of beer before grabbing a taxi back home. The bartender immediately recognizes him and served him his regular beer he always ordered. He slowly downed several bottles of beer.

Around half past midnight he decided to head home. He was a little bit tipsy but not drunk, as he struggled to maintain his balance as he walked down the street to grab a taxi. He was approached by some blonde woman in a sexy red dress, which made him realize he was on the wrong street, a street downtown frequented by escorts. The escort in the red dress was now all over him, telling him how she can give him mind blowing sex. His mind in turmoil, he thought he was gullible just because he was drunk, but he wasn’t that drunk. He accepted her offer, and hired her for the night so he could try out an escort for the first time.

The room the rented together was dimly lit with blue neon lights and had a king size bed in one of the corners. They sat on the edge of the bed having a little chit chat before the escort started teasing him, giving him shallow kisses while he removed his clothes. He was nervous, but he managed to play along, as he had seen in several films. He also helped the escort undress before she told him to lay face down on the bed, now totally naked. She massaged his back gently, professionally, like she had worked in a massage parlor, heading down to his butt. He felt nice, a feeling he hadn’t had in years, all this happening as they negotiated the price.

The consensus was $120 for full service, meaning he could get everything she had to offer, from a blow job to intercourse. She was now fondling with his balls to ensure he achieved a maximum hard-on. He eventually ended up having sex with her, different positions, an encounter which lasted close to one and half hours, after which they cuddled and had a small chit chat. She then had a shower before they both left. He had found her very respectful and submissive, something that he liked, and ended up having her contact. As he was in a cab back home he knew he would be going back to visit his escort again.

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